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When you launch a local Young Libertarians group at your local college or university you help to build a platform for spreading the message of liberty in a time and place that really matters.

For decades ‘progressive’ collectivists of all kinds have worked to undermine liberty through student associations and activism. The prevailing collectivist and socialist group-think tell us they are winning.

Local Young Libertarians groups provide the opportunity for fellow students to hear the argument for small government and individual liberty.

Liberty is only one generation away from being lost. Now is the time to establish a Young Libertarians group where you are.

What is a Young Libertarians group?

Young Libertarians groups are independent organisations that align with the values and message of Young Libertarians UK.

Young Libertarians UK provides materials to help these independent groups set up, grow, run events and campaign for liberty.

Young Libertarians UK also helps groups network and engage visiting speakers, for the promotion of liberty.

Young Libertarians UK does not apply top down control – you’re an independent group – local leadership comes from you, and groups are responsible for their own conduct.

Get started…

The first step is to send the form below with your details.

We’ll then check there isn’t already a Young Libertarians operating where you are, and if not we’ll begin the process of helping you setup the first!