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“When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you – you know your nation is doomed.”

Ayn Rand

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Chris Wilkinson


Hello there, I’m Chris Wilkinson. I contend that politicians must no longer be able to vandalise the inalienable freedoms and liberties, rights and responsibilities of the individual for the purpose of self-interest and self-preservation.
I want to see enterprise, investment and opportunity for all, a better system of representation and democratic principles, and a world of free speech and expression where everyone’s voice can be heard. Above all, I want to see an end to the state’s oppressive infringement upon all aspects of our daily lives. Let’s get the conversations going and take the message of liberty to the colleges and universities, turning the ugly tide of radical ideologies that have infected the discourse of younger generations by informing students of a better alternative for their own sake and the sake of future generations. It’s time to set students free.

Chris Wilkinson is an independent libertarian candidate and experienced campaigner.

Harley Dalton


I’m Harley Dalton. As a recent graduate, I understand that student campuses can be a lonely, sometimes hostile place for libertarians, with the dominant progressive and authoritarian ideologies of the day creating a barrier to open discussion and dissemination of our ideas among people of our age. Outnumbered and with the threat of social ostracism, it’s all too easy for young libertarians to simply shut up, ceding ever more space to ideologues who grow bolder and more intrusive with each passing year. That’s why I believe it is so important to provide an established platform and a voice for young libertarians, to remind them that they’re not alone and that their contributions to campus and wider discourse are too important to be silenced.

Harley Dalton is the Greater Manchester Area Manager for the UK Liberty Party.

James Hunt


Hi, my name is James Hunt. I have long believed that the defence of individual freedom for everyone in the country should be a top priority. Without economic and personal freedom an individual cannot be classed as free. There are millions of people in our country who are fed up with the status quo and fed up with the complete lack of real opposition. Our politicians are interested not in defending the rights of the people, but the rights of the government. I believe that our country needs real opposition which champions the peoples’ right to national self-government. This is not going to just emerge on its own, we have to create it. We cannot endlessly complain while doing nothing about it.

James Hunt is the Chairman of the Foundation Party.

Dan Liddicott


Hi, my name is Dan Liddicott. I’ve long believed the future of freedom is to be found in the rising generation – your generation. Liberty is, after all, only one generation away from being lost completely. Surveying the current political landscape it’s clear that liberty in the UK has never been more at risk than it is now. Young Libertarians UK aims to reverse that trend.

Dan Liddicott is a twice libertarian election candidate and supports independent libertarian candidates seeking election.